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Gray, A. (1868). Characters of new plants of California and elsewhere, principally of those collected by H. N. Bolander in the state geological survey. Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts. 7: 327-401.
Gray, A.
Characters of new plants of California and elsewhere, principally of those collected by H. N. Bolander in the state geological survey
Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts
7: 327-401
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Actinella cooperi A.Gray accepted as Hymenoxys cooperi (A.Gray) Cockerell (original description)
Ancistrocarphus A.Gray (original description)
Ancistrocarphus filagineus A.Gray (original description)
Anisocarpus bolanderi A.Gray accepted as Kyhosia bolanderi (A.Gray) B.G.Baldwin (original description)
Arnica parviflora A.Gray accepted as Arnica discoidea Benth. (original description)
Artemisia parryi A.Gray accepted as Artemisia laciniata subsp. parryi (A.Gray) W.A.Weber (original description)
Aster andersonii (A.Gray) A.Gray accepted as Oreostemma alpigenum var. andersonii (A.Gray) G.L.Nesom (original description)
Aster tortifolius (Torr. & A.Gray) A.Gray accepted as Xylorhiza tortifolia (Torr. & A.Gray) Greene (original description)
Baeria fremontii (Torr. ex A.Gray) A.Gray accepted as Lasthenia fremontii (Torr. ex A.Gray) Greene (original description)
Balsamorhiza bolanderi A.Gray accepted as Agnorhiza bolanderi (A.Gray) W.A.Weber (original description)
Brickellia incana A.Gray (original description)
Burrielia maritima A.Gray accepted as Lasthenia maritima (A.Gray) Ornduff (original description)
Cacalia nardosmia A.Gray accepted as Cacaliopsis nardosmia (A.Gray) A.Gray (original description)
Calais bolanderi A.Gray accepted as Microseris laciniata subsp. leptosepala (Nutt.) K.L.Chambers (original description)
Calais glauca (Hook.) A.Gray accepted as Microseris laciniata (Hook.) Sch.Bip. (original description)
Calais glauca var. procera A.Gray accepted as Microseris laciniata subsp. laciniata (Hook.) Sch.Bip. (original description)
Calycadenia mollis A.Gray (original description)
Conyza coulteri A.Gray accepted as Laennecia coulteri (A.Gray) G.L.Nesom (original description)
Corethrogyne spathulata A.Gray accepted as Corethrogyne filaginifolia (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt. (original description)
Erigeron supplex A.Gray (original description)
Franseria eriocentra A.Gray accepted as Ambrosia eriocentra (A.Gray) W.W.Payne (original description)
Haplopappus acaulis (Nutt.) A.Gray accepted as Stenotus acaulis (Nutt.) Nutt. (original description)
Haplopappus apargioides A.Gray accepted as Pyrrocoma apargioides (A.Gray) Greene (original description)
Haplopappus paniculatus (Nutt.) A.Gray accepted as Pyrrocoma racemosa var. paniculata (Nutt.) Kartesz & Gandhi (original description)
Haplopappus whitneyi A.Gray accepted as Hazardia whitneyi var. whitneyi (A.Gray) Greene accepted as Adeia whitneyi (A. Gray) G.L. Nesom (original description)
Helenium bolanderi A.Gray (original description)
Helenium scorzonerifolium A.Gray (original description)
Helenium scorzonerifolium var. ghiesbrechtii A.Gray (original description)
Hesperevax (A.Gray) A.Gray (original description)
Hesperevax caulescens (Benth.) A.Gray (original description)
Hieracium bolanderi A.Gray (original description)
Hulsea brevifolia A.Gray (original description)
Hulsea heterochroma A.Gray (original description)
Lagenophora maviensis H.Mann accepted as Keysseria maviensis (H.Mann) Cabrera (original description)
Layia chrysanthemoides (DC.) A.Gray (original description)
Leptosyne maritima (Nutt.) A.Gray accepted as Coreopsis maritima (Nutt.) Hook.f. (original description)
Leptosyne newberryi A.Gray (original description)
Lessingia leptoclada A.Gray (original description)
Lessingia leptoclada var. microcephala A.Gray (original description)
Lessingia leptoclada var. tenuis A.Gray (original description)
Linosyris bolanderi A.Gray (original description)
Madaria elegans var. depauperata A.Gray (original description)
Phalacroseris A.Gray (original description)
Phalacroseris bolanderi A.Gray (original description)
Psathyrotes ramosissima (Torr.) A.Gray (original description)
Railliardia hillebrandii H.Mann accepted as Dubautia linearis subsp. hillebrandii (H.Mann) G.D.Carr (original description)
Railliardia montana H.Mann (original description)
Riddellia cooperi A.Gray accepted as Psilostrophe cooperi (A.Gray) Greene (original description)
Rudbeckia californica A.Gray (original description)
Senecio bolanderi A.Gray accepted as Packera bolanderi var. bolanderi (A.Gray) W.A.Weber & Á.Löve (original description)
Senecio clarkianus A.Gray (original description)
Senecio mendocinensis A.Gray accepted as Senecio integerrimus var. major (A.Gray) Cronquist (original description)
Wyethia ovata A.Gray (original description)