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Micropus L.

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Gnaphalodes Mill. · unaccepted
Species Micropus amphibolus A.Gray
Species Micropus californicus Fisch. & C.A.Mey.
Species Micropus dasycarpa (Griseb.) P.Beauv.
Species Micropus supinus L.

Species Micropus bombycinus Lag. accepted as Bombycilaena discolor (Pers.) M.Laínz (nom. illeg. Art. 52.1)
Species Micropus caulescens (Benth.) Walp. accepted as Hesperevax caulescens (Benth.) A.Gray
Species Micropus discolor Pers. accepted as Bombycilaena discolor (Pers.) M.Laínz
Species Micropus erectus L. accepted as Bombycilaena erecta (L.) Smoljan.
Species Micropus globiferus Bertero ex DC. accepted as Psilocarphus tenellus Nutt.
Species Micropus longifolius Boiss. & Reut. accepted as Filago griffithii (A.Gray) Andrés-Sánchez & Galbany
Species Micropus mareoticus (Delile) Spreng. accepted as Filago mareotica Delile
Species Micropus multicaulis Dubois accepted as Filago arvensis L.
Species Micropus pygmaeus Desf. accepted as Filago pygmaea L.
Section Micropus sect. Bombycilaena DC. accepted as Bombycilaena (DC.) Smoljan.
Section Micropus sect. Cymbolaena (Smoljan.) Wagenitz accepted as Filago subg. Oglifa (Cass.) Gren.
Subsection Micropus subsect. Diplocymbium Benth. accepted as Filago subg. Oglifa (Cass.) Gren.

Species Micropus angustifolius Nutt. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus brevissimus Walp. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus conyzaeus Dubois (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus erectus Ten. ex Nyman (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus exiguus d'Urv. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus flavicans Lag. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus globiferus Bertero (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus grayana Hemsl. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus grayanus Hemsl. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus heterophyllus Nutt. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus minimus DC. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus oregonus Walp. (uncertain > unassessed)
Section Micropus sect. Micropus (uncertain > unassessed)
Section Micropus sect. Rhyncholepis Nutt. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Micropus tenellus Walp. (uncertain > unassessed)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(1753). Species Plantarum. Pl. 2.
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Taxonomy 1 May 1753  
Taxonomy 1 May 1753 [details]
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original description (1753). Species Plantarum. Pl. 2.
page(s): 927 [details]   

original description  (of Gnaphalodes Mill.) (1754). Gard. Dict. Abr., ed. 4.
page(s): 1754 [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

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Micropus [Govaerts World Compositae Checklist A-G]
Micropus [Vascular Plants of Russia] [details]

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L., Sp. Pl. 1753. [Euro+Med]
Sp. Pl. 927 [Kadereit & Jeffrey 2007]
Species Plantarum 2: [Tropicos] [details]

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Taxonomy 1 May 1753 [details]