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Zoegea L.

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Species Zoegea crinita Boiss.
Species Zoegea leptaurea L.
Species Zoegea purpurea Fresen.

Species Zoegea baldschuanica C.Winkl. accepted as Zoegea crinita subsp. baldschuanica (C.Winkl.) Rech.f.
Species Zoegea glabricaulis Czerep. accepted as Zoegea crinita subsp. glabricaulis (Czerep.) Rech.f.

Species Zoegea aleppica Jacq. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Zoegea aristata DC. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Zoegea capensis L.f. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Zoegea deluensis Bunge ex Boiss. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Zoegea mesopotamica Czerep. (uncertain > unassessed)
Species Zoegea mianensis Bunge ex Boiss. (uncertain > unassessed)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(1767). Mant. Pl.
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Taxonomy 15-31 Oct 1767  
Taxonomy 15-31 Oct 1767 [details]
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original description (1767). Mant. Pl.
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Contributed data: Full Name Data only shown for fields conflicting with the consensus taxon record
Zoegea [Funk et al. 2009]
Zoegea [New Zealand Plant Name Database]
Zoegea [Vascular Plants of Russia] [details]

Contributed data: Published Data only shown for fields conflicting with the consensus taxon record
L., Mant. Pl. 1767. [Euro+Med]
Mant. pl. 1 [Kadereit & Jeffrey 2007]
Syst. Nat. ed. 12. 2: 571. 1767 [India]
Systema Naturae, ed. 12 2: [Tropicos] [details]

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Taxonomy 15-31 Oct 1767 [details]