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Helichrysum italicum subsp. serotinum (Boiss.) P.Fourn.

1152794  (

marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
(1940). P. Fourn.. 1940.
page(s): 952 [details]   
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Taxonomy ori:FNA  
Taxonomy ori:FNA [details]
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original description (1940). P. Fourn.. 1940.
page(s): 952 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum libanotis Jord. & Fourr.) (1868). Brev. Pl. Nov. 2
page(s): 66 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum serotinum (DC.) Boiss.) (1841). Voy. Bot. Espagne 2
page(s): 329 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum angustifolium subsp. serotinum (DC.) Cout.) (1913). Cout., Fl. Portugal 1953. 1913.
page(s): 620 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum picardii subsp. virescens (Valdés Berm.) Rivas Mart.) (1988). Lagascalia 15(Extra)
page(s): 117 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum picardii var. virescens Valdés Berm.) (1980). Valdés Berm. in Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 36. 1980.
page(s): 226 [details]   

original description  (of Helichrysum serotinum var. occidentale Boiss.) (1840). Boiss.. 1840.
page(s): 327 [details]   
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(DC.) P. Fourn. [Euro+Med] [details]

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Helichrysum italicum (Rothm.) G.Don subsp. serotinum (Boiss.) P.Fourn. [African Plant Database]
Helichrysum italicum subsp. serotinum (DC.) P. Fourn. [Euro+Med] [details]

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Taxonomy ori:FNA [details]