The International Compositae Alliance


The International Compositae Alliance ... (additional info to be added here)

Important points from the business meeting in Pretoria in January 2003, with some updates
(all listings of people are in alphabetical order):

1. The name was changed to The International Compositae Alliance (TICA).

2. Tribal coordinators were announced (see below)

3. Grade and Clade coordinators were decided on and approved (see list below)

4. We decided to submit a proposal for a symposium at the International Botanical Congress in Vienna in 2005. A program committee was nominated and approved (see below) and the proposal was submitted to the IBC in September of 2003. Christoph Oberprieler took the lead in writing the proposal for two 2-hour symposia. Because of the time constraints, each major tribe will be covered in 15 minutes. TICA coordinators will assist the program committee in inviting the speakers.

5. We decided to begin the preparations for redoing Heywood, Harborne & Turner 1977. The meeting will be held in Barcelona hosted by Alfonso Susanna and Nuria Garcia-Jacas with assistance from their colleagues Santiago Ortiz, Aixa Rivero-Guerra, Joan Valles, and others. The same program committee is providing preliminary guidance for this meeting.

Grade Coordinators

Grade 1 (Barnedesioideae, Mutisieae s.l., Cardueae, Vernonieae, Liabeae, Lactuceae, Arctoteae: Alfonso Susanna.

Grade 2 (Gnaphalieae, Senecioneae, Anthemideae, Astereae, Calenduleae): Linda Watson.

Grade 3 (Pluceeae, Inuleae, Heliantheae s.l., Eupatorieae): Bruce Baldwin & Jose Panero.

Each Grade Coordinator will work with his/her fellow molecular synantherologists to improve communication within their grade and among grades.

Tribal Coordinators

Outgroups: Kåre Bremer & Melanie Devore

Barnadesieae: Tod Stuessy, Mats Gustafsson, and Estrella Urtubey

Mutisieae s.l.: Jorge Crisci, Vicki Funk, and Santiago Ortiz

Cardueae (Cynareae): Nuria Garcia-Jacas & Alfonso Susanna

Vernonieae: Sterling Keeley & Harold Robinson

Liabeae: V. Funk & Mike Dillon

Arctoteae: Nigel Barker, V. Funk, & Per Ola Karis

Lactuceae (Cichorieae): Walter Lack & Joongku Lee

Gnaphalieae: Randal Bayer, Ilse Breitwieser & Jo Ward

Anthemideae: Linda Watson, Christoph Oberprieler & Joan Valles

Astereae: Tim Lowrey, and Lowell Urbatsch

Calenduleae: Bertil Nordenstam

Senecioneae: Bertil Nordenstam & Ted Barkley

Inuleae & Plucheeae: Arne Anderberg and Randall Bayer

Heliantheae s.l.: Bruce Baldwin & Jose Panero

Eupatorieae: Ed Schilling & Harold Robinson

Program commitee

Randy Bayer, Alfonso Delgado, Vicki Funk, Marinda Koekemoer, and Christoph Oberprieler.