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CAPITULUM is the new version of what was previously known as Compositae Newsletter. The Compositae Newsletter was started by Tod Stuessy and Robert M. King in 1975, and had several headquarters throughout the years. Tod Stuessy, then based at the Ohio State University, served as editor to the first five issues and then Charles Jeffrey from The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew edited the journal through issue 12 in 1982. The torch passed then to Jette Baagøe from Denmark who would edit issue 13, which would turn out the last of that period as the newsletter was discontinued for six years. Then in 1988 Bertil Nordenstam from the Swedish Museum of Natural History took on the editorship of the newsletter for a stretch of 25 years until issue 50 in 2012. Nine years later, in this new form to which we affixed the name of the morphological structure classically associated with the family, the spirit remains the same as that of the original newsletter, that is, to be a venue for all things Compositae and welcome all kinds of diversity in both its contributions and contributors.

VOLUME 3 | Issue 1 | September 2023

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pp. i-v : pdf


An overview of Celmisiinae (Astereae): a diverse endemic Australasian lineage
Patricio Saldivia & Duncan Alastair Nicol | pp. 1-25


Hesperomannia A. Gray (Vernonieae): extreme rarity and conservation status of an endemic Hawaiian genus
Susan Ching Harbin | pp. 26-42

The lure and intrigue of Yunquea tenzii Skottsb. (Cardueae: Centaureinae)
Tod F. Stuessy & Daniel J. Crawford | pp. 43-49


Genomes & islands & evolution: oh my!
M. Renee Bellinger | pp. 50-57


Napoleón’s exile on St. Helena: everlasting love, and Australian paper daisies
Timothy L. Collins, Alexander N. Schmidt-Lebuhn, Jeremy J. Bruhl, Ian R.H. Telford & Rose L. Andrew | pp. 58-65


Beyond the comfort zone: Lagenophora Cass. (Astereae) in the Malvinas/Falkland Archipelago
Gisela Sancho , Vanesa Lencinas & Martín Ramírez | pp. 66-85


Where art and science converge: pdf
Steve Wagstaff, Phil Garnock-Jones & Lizzie Roeble | pp. 86-89


Selected Compositae news and updates from TICA: pdf
Jennifer Mandel (Ed.) | pp. 90-91

Guidelines for Authors: pdf

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